The overall K-1 Visa Philippines process takes roughly six to nine months from the time when the application is received by the United States Government up until the Filipino/ Filipina fiancée is on the plane heading towards the United States. Our K-1 visa lawyers in Manila, Chicago, and New York specializing in the Philippines K-1 visa process are here to guide the American citizen petitioner, the Filipino/ Filipina fiancée and even the entire family throughout the whole process.

After either the US citizen or the Filipino/ Filipina fiancée contacts us, one of our US immigration lawyers will immediately start to communicate with the respective party members. All of our initial consultations are absolutely free as no charge is required until work is to be commenced. If the couple is comfortable with us, retainer agreement will be signed and we will immediately begin to process the petition. Our K-1 visa lawyers take the lead in coordinating with the couple, preparing all required forms and supporting documents, continuous ongoing monitoring with the United States Government, and providing continuous legal and emotional support to the couple.

K-1 Visa Consular Processing at the US Embassy in Manila

After the petition has been approved by the United States Government, the file will be sent to the US Embassy. This is where our services truly stand out from above the rest.

Clients who retain a US immigration lawyer in the United States to file a K-1 visa for their fiancée in the Philippines are perfectly able to get the petition through the United States Government but after the file leaves the United States and makes its way to the Philippines, the amount of support can be minimal at best. For one thing, the time difference can often become a hard factor to overcome. Both the American citizen petitioner and the Filipino/ Filipina fiancée are often very stressed and anxious at this point during the process and often need assurances and comfort to help them get through this time.

K-1 fiancee visa lawyer in Manila

By having a K-1 visa lawyer on the ground in Manila who has regular interaction with the US Embassy, we are able to not only provide valuable information to our clients but also assist in moving the process forward at a faster pace. In order for the couple to be reunited as quickly as possible, our Manila office closely monitors the K-1 visa file in order to ensure that there are no problems prior to the interview. Besides prepping the Filipino/ Filipina fiancée live in our office with mock-interviews with past questions which we have generated from previous clients, all documentation is thoroughly reviewed and we personally schedule the Filipino/ Filipina’s fiancée at the US Embassy in Manila.

On the day of the interview, we reach out to the US Embassy and request that they contact us in the event there are any problems and concerns. However, because we ensure that the Filipino/ Filipina fiancée has been properly prepared, it is rare that any problems occur while we patiently await for the wonderful news that the visa has been approved!