If you were a fictional superhero character dwelling in a make-believe world, you probably won’t need any help from anyone in your lifetime because you can do it all yourself. You can be your own lawyer, doctor, dance instructor, chef, teacher and every other occupation you fancy. You can be the Jack of all Trades in your universe and that’s absolutely normal.

In the real world, things are different.

Unlike superheroes, we are not physically fit to do everything on our own. We may be gifted with our own expertise, skills and talents, but we turn to others for help with what we’re not capable of accomplishing. 

Imagine you’re the most celebrated scientist in the world and everyone turns to you for answers. But here comes tax filing season and you can’t trust your own scientific brilliance to accomplish the task. Instead, you turn to your accountant or your licensed tax expert to deal with the numbers and file your taxes for you. Or you may be the most famous businessman in the world who owns the biggest space station yet you have no clue how to plug the simplest light bulb in your night lamp or install a TV in your bathroom. You hire a handyman and a licensed electrician to do the job for you. 

Even the simplest among us turn to others for basic services to help us through life and that’s the bottom line. Sometimes, seeking help can be the wisest investment one can ever make to successfully accomplish a goal. 

If you’re a first time applicant for a US visa, chances are, you have already researched if you can do it yourself or if you should seek the help of an Immigration lawyer to help you with your application.

If you go the USCIS website, the government agency will give you a straightforward answer. It says NO, you don’t need a lawyer to help you with your US visa application as your application will go through the same process whether you have a lawyer or not. However, that does not mean you cannot or should not seek the help of a lawyer.

The application process to obtain a US visa may not be as simple as one may think especially if there are special circumstances that may hamper an applicant’s chances of getting an approval. More often than not, having a lawyer to help with the application process improves the chances of obtaining an approved US visa. It also takes the load off of the applicant’s back during the application process. And sometimes, in more complicated cases, an applicant avoids not just a US visa denial but the grim consequence of being deported or blacklisted from entering the United States. 

Why should you seek the help of a US Immigration lawyer?   

  1. Immigration rules and policies change and lawyers are up to date on these changes. They will be able to submit your US visa application according to existing rules and policies to avoid penalties and delays.
  2. Lawyers will file the application and do the necessary paper work for you. You will certainly have peace of mind knowing your application was filed timely and accurately.
  3. You will be prepared by your lawyer before your interview with the consular officer. You will be informed on what to bring during the interview and how to answer possible questions that may arise depending on the circumstances related to your application.
  4. You may avoid penalties, deportation or charges of immigrations fraud depending on your situation, probably due to past circumstances, that may affect your application if you have a lawyer to help you prove your innocence.
  5. Having complex circumstances such as medical conditions, past legal cases, a previous case of overstaying in the US, and other potential obstacles that may jeopardize your US visa application calls for the expertise of a lawyer who will help you obtain an approval despite your situation.

Is there a huge fee for hiring a US Immigration attorney?

Some lawyers give free consultations but their services during the application process come with legal fees. You can look for the best lawyer that you can trust to handle your US visa application and consider the fees involved that will fit your budget. In doing so, keep in mind that the legal fees you will be investing on a lawyer may help you avoid the headaches and more fees that may come your way down the road, should you choose to handle your US visa application without the help of an Immigration attorney.
Where can I find a licensed US Immigration attorney in the Philippines?

For Filipinos seeking a US visa, you can find a licensed Immigration attorney in Manila that will help and guide you throughout the entire application process. Find the one that has the proven record of providing expert advice and reliable services that will help you obtain your US visa despite your complex circumstances.  Hire the services of the licensed Immigration attorney in Manila that you can entrust your investment to with full satisfaction and peace of mind.

Ryan Barshop